From the learners

Gong Jingpei

When I made the choice to be a student of Beiwai Online Institute by the end of 2001, I did not realize that good fortune to change my life and work was waiting for me in the summer of 2002 .......I have no obligation to make advertisement here for enrolling more and more students into Beiwai Online Institute and it is not important whether you believe me what I have said here is true or not, but it is extremely necessary for you to value the learning atmosphere and facilities offered by our Online Institute, because good fortune may also visit you sooner or later in the near future. ......

Guo Minghui

Am I a qualified online learner? Well, I couldn't answer the question directly or openly here. After the three years' learning, I feel I am glad to be a BeiwaiOnline learner, because I have learnt a lot. I will take part in the party on time which will be held by Prof. Wang Tong. It is a good opportunity for me to get the answer to that question.

Chang Xiao
I have a dream that one day all the distance learners get togather in Beiwai campus to celebrate our achivements.
I have a dream that we can talk, one day, face to face in English with our tutors in Beiwai.
I have a dream that one day we can attend the lectures hosted by our belived Prof.Bobing in beiwai campus.
I have a dream that one day we can shake hands with our dear Caowen, Wang Tong, Qijiuli ,Prof. Bruce Michael,Prof. Wu Ligao and...
I have a dream that one day ...

Lian Zishen
I am so exited to see so many schoolmates came to join... I told myself that you should play but not learning it. At least I can understand most lyric of enlish songs and read some tech material written in english. Computer science and Music are my favorite. So I have no choice but learn it well or I should say play it well.

"We have chosen BWOL to continue our language study, it is of the great importance to make a good use of its rich resourses which will benefit us a lot...",yes,I have the same feeling.

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