From the President

Beijing Foreign Studies University (abbreviated as BFSU) became a distance learning institution for foreign languages accredited by the Ministry of Education in July 2000 to offer degree programs in English. Soon after the accreditation, the Institute of Online Education, BFSU (BeiwaiOnline), was formally established. Since its establishment, the Institute of Online Education at BFSU (BeiwaiOnline) has been dedicated to research and exploration of online teaching, so as to integrate the wealth of teaching resource at BFSU with contemporary information technology. It is by virtue of this integration that the unique style of our online teaching experience has come into being.
The Institute of Online Education, as an innovation to traditional teaching, was born with the rapid growth of the global network economy. As an effective contributor to the development of education for all, it fits the modern idea of lifelong and quality education. By removing ˇ°old schoolˇ± barriers, our online education provides learners with convenient and flexible home study that is available anytime and anywhere. Thereby the Institute has extended the walls of the university, to create an open academic environment in which learners from around China can study at their own comfortable pace. In addition, we place a special emphasis on helping our students develop self-managed learning skills and innovation of thinking and practical work ability. In keeping with this focus, our online education has changed the cognitive process of learning and created an interactive and trustful relationship between tutors and students, whose nature embodies humanism and individuation of learning. We believe that this educational experience will be an ideal way to promote national quality in the age of information technology.
Online education offers the opportunity for more people to receive higher education and continuing education. In accordance with its mission to serve national lifelong education, the Institute of Online Education is committed to offering top teaching quality via advanced information and educational technology, in conjunction with a wide variety of educational resources. The 21st century is witnessing the rapid development of online education. The Institute of Online Education, taking the promotion of national quality as the final goal, will be devoted to the continuous modification and innovation of online teaching and thus contribute to the prevalence and growth of distance education in China.

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